25 Jan



Posted Monday, January 25, 2017

Much has been written about a so-called "two-state" solution which will somehow restore peace in the Middle East. It is almost certain that many will urge President Donald Trump to resurrect the peace talks. This is especially true after President Barrack Obama recently allowed the United Nations to issue a proclamation which condemned Israel and labeled its settlements in the so-called occupied territory illegal.

After all these years, it might just be time to abandon and rethink peace talks which will never be achieved even if Israel abandoned every inch of the state of Israel. This is especially true when one considers that the true goal of a two-state solution is not peace. The true goal of those proclaiming that peace will come through a two-state solution is the destruction of Israel and its people.

Maybe it is time to move forward with a plan to strengthen Israel. To borrow from President Ronald Reagan: "We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression." Instead of sending millions to Iran for a faux nuclear peace treaty, the United States should have transferred that money to Israel to be used to strengthen Israel's military defenses.

Instead of continuing the two-state solution, Trump should announce that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. While this would require great courage on the part of the United States and its leaders, the time has come to move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The message which would be sent to the world would be that the United States will not abandon Israel or its people, our one true friend in the Middle East.

Next, before Trump resurrects peace talks in the Middle East, it would be wise for our next secretary of state to seek counsel from biblical historians. What has been missing by those involved in the peace talks is a full understanding of Israel's claim to the land, a claim which predates any modern peace talks by thousands of years.

In the end, we should take heed and follow a few simple words about the nation of Israel, words which were written thousands of years ago in the Book of Genesis, words which read: "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

 Hopefully, we will not abandon our friendship with Israel and its people. Hopefully, we will restore our strong support of Israel and its people. Hopefully, we will abandon peace talks which only encourage Israel's enemies to continue down a road which will not end in peace, but instead, a road which will end with the destruction of Israel and its people.