19 Sep

Years from now, historians will look back in time as they write the history books which will undoubtedly focus on the events of 2020.  Of course, the number one event which will fill many of the pages of the world history books will be the virus which has spread to every corner of the world, a virus that has taken thousands of lives.

However, when historians write the pages of American history books about the events of 2020, at least one chapter will likely be dedicated to the unraveling of America as a result of a war on America’s police officers, a war which was intended to sow the seeds of unrest, unrest intended to change the face of America forever.

While it would be a difficult, if not an impossible task to find ground zero of the war on America’s police officers or for that matter the names of those who have declared war on America’s police officers, one thing is certain, as long as many in the media continue to turn a blind eye to the violent protests and riots which have become commonplace, and instead, label these violent protests and riots as “mostly peaceful protests,” the war against America’s police officers will spread across America like an out of control wildfire.  And worse yet, as the violent protests and riots continue on the streets of many American cities, America’s police officers will continue to become the targets of cowardly criminals who are intent on changing the face of America forever in order to install their version of America, an America controlled by a handful of thugs.

Those who foment this violence would like Americans to point the finger of blame for the violence in America’s cities at America’s police officers.  Do these fools actually believe that Americans believe for a single minute that if we defund America’s police officers and abolish our police departments, that peace and tranquility will somehow magically return to every corner of America? Of course they don’t, but they don’t care, since they are more interested in destroying America, than offering solutions. To borrow from the words of Ronald Reagan, “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”

Even worse, those responsible for the violent protests and riots on the streets of many American cities have chosen to resort to mob violence instead of our system of justice in order to dictate what charges should be handed down against police officers even before evidence is presented in a court of law.  Those responsible for the violent protests and riots will never be satisfied until we accept their version of justice, a version of street justice, not courtroom justice which is the very cornerstone of our Constitution.

Sadly, after months of violent protests and riots in many American cities which have been allowed to continue unchecked by so-called political leaders, criminals have become emboldened and have chosen to paint a bullseye on all of America’s police officers. If we continue down this destructive path aimed at eliminating America’s police departments and police officers, what Americans should expect is that those Americans who once were willing to step forward to protect and serve our liberty will soon become non-existent.

As Americans, we can no longer accept or allow a handful of criminals to dismantle and destroy America. It is time for those so-called political leaders who have allowed criminals to engage in violent protests and riots in America’s cities to stop making excuses for those criminals intent on tearing apart the very fabric of our nation; it is time to end the violence; it is time to restore peace to the streets of America’s cities. More importantly, it is time for the silent majority of Americans to break their silence. It is time to rise up in support of America’s police officers.

So, as I often do, I will ask all Americans to join me on my imaginary mountaintop as we shout loudly to the so-called political leaders who have allowed criminals responsible for violent protests and riots that as Americans it is time to say enough is enough; it is time to shout even louder to America’s police officers and their families that Americans respect and support them. Finally it is time to heed the words of Ronald Reagan when he said, “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.”  In the end, evil truly is powerless when Americans are unafraid to stand shoulder to shoulder in support America’s police officers.

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