02 Nov

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the people of Franklin County will cast their votes in one of the most important judicial elections in the Commonwealth. The election pits Judge Phillip Shepherd, an experienced judge, against Joe Bilby, a claimed constitutional conservative with limited courtroom experience. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” 

The words of Ronald Reagan ring equally true when it comes to this judicial election. The question Franklin County voters will have to answer is do the people of Franklin County want a judge who will protect the rights of the people or a judge who will run their lives based on the political agenda of outside contributors and political action committees funding Joe Bilby’s campaign, contributors who have a chosen and hidden agenda.

Of course, the rhetorical question which all voters need to consider before casting their votes in any election is whether their vote is being cast for the best candidate or whether it is being cast for the candidate who had the most political advertisements. As for me, I try my best to be honest with myself when I cast my votes. And in this election, if I could cast a vote, which I cannot, I would not hesitate to vote to keep Judge Phillip Shepherd, a fair and impartial judge who decides the cases before him based on the law, not politics.

In the end, I would ask everyone who can vote in next Tuesday’s judicial election in Franklin County to take a moment to consider the importance of this single judicial race, a race which could change the future of all Kentuckians, even for those of us who cannot cast a vote. And I would ask everyone to cast their vote to keep a fair and impartial judge, Judge Phillip Shepherd.

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